Government has assured the manufacturing sector that it is working towards reducing the cost of doing business within the country. Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Chipoka Mulenga explained that the government will do away with certain taxes in order to encourage the growth of the sector. He observed that taxes inhibit economic growth, hence the government’s intention to address the challenges the business community is facing. Mr Mulenga said the new dawn government intends to limit the number of licenses that they pay for in order for companies to expedite the establishment of their businesses and boost economic activities within the country. He noted that the move will result in creation of the much needed jobs for the Zambian people. The Minister was speaking when he officiated at the Manufacturing Association of Zambia’s 36 annual general meeting held in Lusaka today. At the same event, ZAM President Ashu Sagar stressed the need for their members to have access to government business. Mr Sagar said local companies should be given first priority to do business with government. He added that his Association will continue advocating for policies that promote the growth of the industry. #UpfrontReliableNews #PowerNewsNetwork

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